Research Projects

Contract Research and Studies

CASSEN’s technical staff has extensive experience in research and development as well as large scale studies. Below are some of the projects conducted by CASSEN personnel who were the Principal Investigator of these projects. These projects were performed for various government departments and agencies including Health Canada, Statistics Canada, Environment Canada, Department of National Defence, Ministry of Labour, Ministry of Environment, etc.

Project Title
Development of Ultra-Sensitive Method for Monitoring Exposure of Great Lake Fish to Cyclic and Linear Siloxanes using Thermal Stripping Technique
CMP CHMS National Study on Volatile Organic Compounds in Residential Homes
Passive Sampling Method Development for CEPA/CMP chemicals in indoor air
Co-ordination and Analysis of Formaldehyde from Retrofoam Insulation in Residential Homes
Evaluation of Portable Water Purifiers for Efficiency of Removing Bacteria and Micro-organisms
Regional study of formaldehyde levels in Residential Homes
Biological Monitoring of Chemical Exposure using Breath Analysis
Air Quality Study in Victoria Class Submarine
Application of PCI/GC/MS Technique in the Determination of Glycol in Residential and Ambient Air
Characterization of Major VOCs in Ottawa Indoor Air Study
Development of an Unique Method Using Positive Chemical Ionization GC/MS to Monitor Trace Amount of Glycols in Ambient Air
Method Development and Validation of STEL monitoring of Hexamethylenetetramine
Development of a Finger Printing Technique for Identifying Presence of Fungi Through Their Emissions in Indoor Air
Method development and evaluation of a target list of volatile organics for indoor air sampling
Method Development for Ultra Low Levels detection of formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, and acrolein in air
Evaluation of environmental tobacco smoke in various public establishments (bars and casinos) – (a study to determine the requirement of the non-smoking by-laws in the region regarding Ontario’s Tobacco Control Act legislation)
Water Quality Study at Fort Erie (U.S) - funded by USEPA to assess the pollution problems at international waters separating Canada and United States and the point sources of the contaminants
Evaluation of Benzene Exposure at Gas Stations
Evaluation of Benzene Exposure in Residential Homes
Multi-media Study for PSL- 2 Compounds
Evaluation of Methods for Contaminants in Food
Food Multi-Media Exposure Method Development (Multi-media Study for PSL- 1 Compounds)
Development of Monitoring Protocols for Vehicle Emissions Resulting from Usage of Reformulated Gasoline
A Multimedia Exposure Pilot Study
Commuters' Personal Exposure to Vehicle Emissions during Rush Hours in Metropolitan Toronto
Determination of a Priority List of Pollutants in Toronto Harbours and Great Lakes
Evaluations of Organic Emissions from Industrial Sources in St. Mary's River, Ontario
Determine the Background Soil Contaminant Levels in Ontario for Establishing Regulation Limits
Development of Methods for the Monitoring of Odorous Sulphur-Containing Compounds in Ambient Air
Software Development for Automated Reporting of Polychlorinated Dioxins/Furan
Development of Methods for the Monitoring of Aliphatic Aldehydes and Ketones at the parts per trillion Range in Ambient Air
Development of Methods for the Monitoring of Low Molecular Weight Fatty Acids in Ambient Air
Development of an Automated Method for the Analysis of Purgeable Organics at the Parts Per Trillion Levels
Development of an Ultra Sensitive Method to Determine the Concentrations of a Wide Range of Organics Present in Ambient Water
Development of large volume sampling to determine the presence of Toxic Organic Pollutants in Municipal Runoff during Rainy Seasons, funded by the Water Resources Branch of Ontario Ministry of Environment (1988)
Study on ambient air quality around the Hamilton Steel Mills
Development of Methods for the Monitoring of Aliphatic Amines in Ambient Air
Development of a Robotic Workstation for Routine Analysis of Organics in Biological Tissues
Development of an Automated MSD Procedure for the Analysis of 105 Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Air
Development of Analytical Protocol for the Determination of Triazole Alanine in Grain
Field Evaluation of the Adsorption/Thermal Desorption Technique in Residential Air in both winter and Summer
Development of an Automated MSD Procedure for the Analysis of 105 Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Air
Development of an Adsorption/Thermal Desorption Technique coupled with GC/MS for the Monitoring of Trace Organic Contaminants in Indoor Air
Development of an Cost Effective Protocol for Routine Analysis of Trace Contaminants in Municipal WPCP Raw Sewage and Final Effluent
Adapted Purge and Trap Technique to Determine 51 VOC's in Drinking Water
Development of an Unique Method for Determine Pesticide Residues in Adipose Tissues using Sweep Co-distillation Technique
Development of an Air Sampler for Arctic Use
Method Development and Analysis of Fish Tissue for a Wide Range of Organics at St. Clair River
Comprehensive Evaluation of Organic Emissions at Upper Ottawa Landfill Site
Photochemical and Biological Oxidation (in vitro) of Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbons
Comparative Distribution of Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Airborne Particulates