Laboratory Analysis for Healthcare Facilities

Health care professionals face a variety of workplace hazards. Physical injuries such as back injuries, needle stick injuries, and workplace stressors are common place in this industry. Less commonly discussed hazards are the risks of exposure to anesthetic waste gases, sterilant gases, solvents, and disinfectants. Due to the growth of the healthcare industry, reports of these types of problems are becoming more commonplace. The primary function of anaesthetics in health care is to reduce the sensation of pain which will allow the patient to undergo surgical or other procedures without distress. A concern with the healthcare industry is the common exposure to anaesthetic vapours from equipment leaks or failures and waste anaesthetic gases.

Commonly encountered Waste gases, Chemicals and Vapours in Healthcare

CASSEN Testing Laboratories is a specialized lab that focuses on determining ultra trace level VOCs. As an AIHA accredited laboratory that has taken part in many international proficiency tests, CASSEN is the ideal lab for investigating healthcare issues pertaining to industrial hygiene. CASSEN implements personal monitoring with active or passive sampling allowing for increased accuracy and ease of use compared to other common practices (e.g. portable ambient analyzer). Ranked as one of the top five laboratories world wide for accuracy, CASSEN ensures the highest accuracy in analysis and interpretation. CASSEN takes pride in the quality of work produced, similar to the healthcare industry. When so many lives depend on you and your healthcare service, you can depend on CASSEN to give you the right analysis every time. When air quality is an issue, arm yourself with the best possible laboratory to aid you in the process of finding the right solution, call CASSEN.

The Right Analysis, Right Awa