What is your regular turn around time? Can I get the report sooner?

The regular turn around time for routine analysis is 5 business days.

(Turn around time is calculated based on the date that the samples and forms are received by the laboratory, which counts as Day 0).


Rush analysis is available at an additional charge.


Rush Analysis Charges


Same day – 200% (samples received by 9AM or negotiated with manager)

24 hours – 100%

48 hours – 75%

72 hours – 50%

96 hours – 25%


Please contact the laboratory in advance to ensure that your requirements can be accommodated.

How long can I keep the thermal desorption tubes after I have sampled?

Thermal desorption tubes should be returned to the laboratory for analysis as soon as possible, but they can be stored up to 1 week after sampling.


Thermal desorption tubes after sampling should be stored in the fridge at approximately 4°C. The brass caps, aluminum foil, and canisters are intended to keep sample integrity.

Do I need a blank?

For quantitative analysis, a field blank is required in accordance with AIHA accreditation. If a field blank is not submitted, CASSEN will add a blank, which will be charged to the client.


For qualitative analysis, a field blank is not required, but clients must state this on the chain of custody form.


Field blank analysis is charged at the same rate as sample analysis, unless otherwise specified (For Full Open Characterization, blank analysis is half price).

Do you rent pumps/calibrators?

CASSEN offers rental of low flow SKC pocket pumps and high flow Gillian pumps and BIOS calibrators. The pump rental fee includes pre-calibration and post-calibration of the pump.


What is interpretation?

Interpretation is an additional section in the analytical report, which provides a description of analytical results based on characteristic chemical groups, chemical sources, and chemical database developed by CASSEN. Senior chemists with experience in air quality investigations and odour characterization work on interpretation of analytical results to aid in solving air quality problems.

For active sampling, which side of the tube is connected to the pump?

The indented groove(s) on the tube indicates the air “entrance,” this end should not be connected to the pump. The end of the tube WITHOUT the indented groove(s) should be connected to the pump. (See diagram below).  Some of our tubes have 2 faint etched marks and should not be confused with the indented grooves.

Check out our active sampling video tutorial for a step by step guide.

How long should I sample for?

Sampling time is determined by the type of sampling site (residential or industrial), type of analysis, and the flow rate for active sampling. For active sampling, the sampling time can be calculated by dividing the sample volume by the flow rate. Please contact CASSEN Testing Labs for further information.