Monitoring of Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS)

Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS) has been known to contribute many toxic contaminants in indoor air. It includes side‐stream tobacco smoke, which came from the cigarettes and to a lesser degree, the main‐stream smoke, which is the exhaled smoke from the smoker. Due to the characteristic pungent odour of many odorous compounds in ETS, the smell can be perceived easily even at very low concentrations.

In multi‐occupancy residences, smoking has become a major issue of many residents because of concerns for existing medical conditions such as asthma and allergy, or or potential adverse health effects. In indoor environments, where no‐smoking bylaws or policies have been implemented, sometimes air testing is required to verify there is no habitual breaking of the laws/policies by the occupants.

CASSEN provides determination of presence of ETS by monitoring the following unique compounds at ppb or sub-ppb levels:

Some of these are combustion products where others are emission from tobacco components. Please contact CASSEN Labs for more information