CASSEN now has a Perkin Elmer Time-of-Flight (TOF) LC/MS System

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CASSEN continues to expand its analytical capabilities with the addition of a Perkin Elmer Time-of-Flight (TOF) UHPLC/MS into its arsenal of instrumentation. This is a highly sophisticated accurate mass UHPLC/MS system with the ability to provide rapid and accurate profiling, as well as quantification of target compounds across a wide mass range at the parts per trillion (ppt) detection in various complex matrices.

TOF UHPLC/MS is especially useful in analyzing compounds that are polar, of high molecular weight and thermally unstable. This cutting edge system offers “Exact Mass” quantification and trace level identification of unknowns in mixtures and is truly an invaluable tool for an advanced laboratory.


Pharmaceutical Products Metabolite Identification
Contamination in Consumer Products Food Safety
Detection Of Illicit Drugs Product Degradation Analysis
Environmental Screening of Trace Contaminants Nutraceuticals
Forensic Study Toxicology