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Specialized Services

CASSEN Testing Labs has a strong reputation in providing specialized laboratory services, including data interpretation and litigation support, bulk material testing, arson investigation, municipal waste and landfill emission testing, method development and research studies. CASSEN has a combination of state-of-the-art laboratory facilities with technical expertise and extensive experience in research and consulting support.

Data Interpretation and Litigation Support

CASSEN Testing Labs is well known for its ability to solve complex indoor and workplace air quality problems due to unknown odours, tobacco smoke, mold, vapour intrusion, gasoline/fuel spills, and hazardous chemical exposures. CASSEN developed a database of characteristic chemicals and associated sources, which enables evidence-based interpretation of data for solving complex air quality issues.

Bulk Material Testing

CASSEN specializes in testing of emissions from bulk materials, such as furnishing materials, packaging, adhesives, and consumer products. Clients can simply submit a sample to the lab for testing by headspace analysis with gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GC/MS). CASSEN offers open characterization of emissions from materials, as well as, testing of target compounds and comparison against product information from MSDS.

Arson Investigation

CASSEN offers specialized testing of bulk materials in support of arson investigations. Highly sensitive analysis by GC/MS is used to detect the presence of accelerants with fingerprint data and mass-spectral verification. Accelerants typically contain petroleum-based hydrocarbons and only a thin layer above the liquid surface becomes ignited. Liquid accelerants can be easily absorbed by wood and furnishing materials and remain after the fire, which can be detected by analysis using GC/MS.

Municipal Waste and Landfill Emission Characterization

CASSEN Testing Labs is specially equipped to test for light gases and sulphur compounds that are characteristic of emissions from waste sites and landfills. Emissions from waste are mainly composed of light gases (e.g. methane and carbon dioxide), as well as VOC’s (organosulphur compounds), which are responsible for the odour. Municipal waste and landfills emit a complex mixture of compounds from the waste itself and decomposition products, which can be harmful to human health and the environment.

Method Development and Research Studies

CASSEN has built a successful track record in method development and research studies for industry and government. CASSEN has state-of-the-art analytical instrumentation and experienced scientists, which allows to develop custom projects to suit clients in different industries, such as oil and gas, pharmaceutical, healthcare, manufacturing, transportation.

Past research and method development projects include:

  • Large scale study of VOC’s in residential homes across Canada
  • Evaluation of environmental tobacco smoke in public areas in support of non-smoking by-laws in Ontario
  • Development of screening techniques for mold in air
  • Study of aldehydes in residential air and potential association with housing characteristics
  • Development of breath samplers for non-invasive biological monitoring of VOC’s
  • Method development and field testing of trace levels of glycol compounds in residential air
  • Method development and validation of STEL monitoring of hexamethylenetetramine (HMTA)