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COVID-19 Testing
CASSEN provides determination of purity of Ethanol according to USP specifications, hand sanitizer component concentrations and odour from N95 and surgical masks.

Workplace exposure evaluations. Bulk material characterization. Odour determination. Industrial process emission analysis. Arson identification. Inorganic gas and sulphur gas analysis. Illicit drugs testing. Biological monitoring. Biota analysis. Emission chamber testing. Vapour intrusion evaluations. Contract research and studies. Method development for new compounds. Consultation on chemical laboratory reports. Fungicide, pesticide, herbicide determination. Indoor and ambient air quality assessments and studies. Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification analysis

Typical Analysis Services Provided

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Environmental Health

Indoor Air Quality Testing (IAQ). Open Characterization of Indoor Contaminants. Formaldehyde Testing. Microbial Volatile Organic Compounds (MVOC, e.g.Mould & Fungi). Vapour Intrusion Analysis Decayed Organic Matters. Indoor Health & Odour Complaint. Characterization of Cleaning Agents in Residential Homes. Detection of Indoor Pollutants from New Construction Materials. Fragrance / Scented Products. Hazardous Chemicals in Health Care Facility. Swimming Pool Emission. Polyurethane Insulation. Epidemiology Studies for Research Organization
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    Industrial Hygiene

    Acrylates & Acetates. Aliphatic and Aromatic Alcohols. Aldehydes (Formaldehyde, Acrolein and Others). Amines and Cycloamines. Anaesthetic Gases. Chloramines and Chlorine. Ethanolamines (MEA, DEA, TEA). Glycols and Glycol Ethers. Hydrocarbons (Gases, Aliphatic & Aromatics, PAHs). Inorganic Acids. Isocyanates (MDI, TDI, HDI, IPDI, HMDI). Ketones. Metals (Including Hexavalent Chromium). Nitrogen Oxide Gases (Nitrous Oxide, Nitric Oxide, Nitrogen Dioxide). Ozone. Particulate (Respirable and Inhalable). Phenolics. Sulphur Gases and Compounds. Volatile Fatty Acids
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      Specialized Services

      LEED Testing Version 3.2 & 4.0. Formaldehyde in Composite Wood. Tobacco Smoke. E-Cigarettes Emissions. Plastic Emissions Characterization. Flame Retardants in Plastics. Agriculture Products Composition. USP Hand Sanitizer Testing. Unknown Powder in Machines / Circuit Boards. Pesticides Contaminants. Food and Beverages. Asphalt and Coal Tar Identification. Pyrolysis Oil. Consumer Products. Cosmetics. Bulk Chemicals. Natural Health Products Waste. Textile Analysis. Identification of Contaminants. Small Chamber Analysis. Physical Testing of Materials
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        Forensic Services

        Arson Determination. Controlled Substances Analysis. Identification of Smoke Odour. Chemical Characterization of Fire and Explosion. Identification of Petroleum Fuels. Characterization of Debris. Hair and Nail Analysis for Metals. Breath Analysis of VOCs. Parts Failures Due to Chemicals. Determination of Paint and Coating. VOCs from Renovation Emission. Vegetable Oil in Fire Debris. Lubricant Characterization. Biological Fluid. Unknown Materials. Smoke Residue in Household Content. Methamphetamine Lab Cleanup. Illicit Drugs. Characterization of Unknown Substances

          Matrices Analyzed:

          Air (indoor, outdoor, emission). Alcoholic drinks (wine, liquors, Beer). Beverages (tea, coffee, pops). Biological fluids. Building Materials. Carpet. Consumer Products. Debris. Detergents and cleaners
          Disinfectants. Electronic/electric devices. Essential oil. eVape juice. Flooring (vinyl, linoleum and others). Foods. Fuels/Petroleum Hydrocarbons. Hand sanitizers. Incinator Waste. Insulation foam
          Liquids. Metals. Oils and lubricants. Paint and coating. Paper products. Personal care products. Plants. Plastics. Pyrolysis oil / Bio-oil
          Raw Materials. Soil. Solids / powder / particulate. Surface wipes. Textiles/Garments. Vegetables / Fruit. Cooking oil. Water. Wood products

                          Client Sectors:

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                                          For every project we offer our clients the following:

                                          Rapid turnaround time – normally 5 working days for routine chemical analysis. Responsive client services with a single point of contact project coordinator. Sampling kit including sampling media, containers, sampling instructions, field data sheet and other relevant information. A stringent quality assurance program – conformance to ISO 17025 Quality Standard to ensure data quality and sample integrity. Tracking of sample trends for long term samples. Consultation provided by experienced scientists for preparation of a sound analytical plan.
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                                            CASSEN has consistently demonstrated analytical and problem solving skills that our clients have come to depend on. The loyalty of our clients to our services is based on our vast knowledge and experience in the industry, quality and timely services.